Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beta Verde has a Blog!

Heading into year 2 of Beta Verde, we decided it was time for a more centralized information spot. While our list-serv will continue to send out updates on supper dates, newcomers, fans,and accidental deleters, we'll have this blog for your visual consumption.

Our goal for the blog is to keep you informed about us without overloading your mailbox. Here you'll find the dates for our suppers, FAQs on Beta Verde, updates on the gardens, and also links and commentary related to gardening, Slow Food, underground dining/supper clubs, art and anthropology.

Please feel free to comment whenever it's relevant and for RSVPs, more in depth questions, and private inquiries, e-mail us at


Sethery said...

Yay Beta Verde!

Molly said...

i love it! i cant wait for another beta verde dinner in the summer. plus i know my mom is already planning my (still hypothetical) wedding at your place, with beta verde catering... :)
--molly l

Diane said...

I'm so impressed! I had no idea what you were up to. Thank you for sending me the link. DNQ