Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chaos Cooking at Beta Verde in Winston-Salem Journal

Photograph by David Rolfe

   Michael Hastings, the food editor at the Winston-Salem Journal, visited Beta Verde on Sunday for Chaos Cooking's Brunch Through Lunch event. We knew he was going to write an article on Chaos but had no idea there would be two (article 1 and article 2)! As one of the organizers, it was such a thrill to see Chaos recognized so thoroughly!
   Chaos Cooking had their initial event over a year ago at Beta Verde and since then the baton has passed to a slew of other hosts, offering their kitchens or farms. A community-building event through the process of cooking one dish each all together in the same kitchen... it's a blast! It also hits home for what Beta Verde is about at its core: fostering community resources and memories through local food and eating together.

   Please feel free to "like" the Facebook group for Chaos Cooking Winston-Salem and join wherever it is next time!