Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Suppers, Solstice, Songbirds... OH MY!

And we're back!
Margaret and Salem are rockin' and ready for Year 2, Season 5
of Beta Verde, and we hope you are, too! June is the kick-off month for Beta Verde, Year 2. We have many new ideas up our sleeves for this year and are excited to share them with you. From now on, all of the information from our e-mails and related information will also be available on the blog so do continue to check it out and pass it on!

Now approaching the end of spring, we look back on the winter gardens - the beautiful kale, chard, spinach and mache that sustained us while we worked on the RiverRun Film Festival. No sooner did the films roll onto the screen than the pea plants, strawberries, onions, fava beans, white and red garlic ( oooh, love those scapes!), Chioggia, golden, and Detroit Dark Red beets and more shot through the spring earth, reminding us of how fabulously rewarding and at times ample the harvest can be.

With a goal of growing twice as much as last year, we have expanded our garden beds and will include more suppers and private events, inspired by friends and their visceral response to Beta Verde. For the month of June, our two suppers will be on Friday, June 19th and Thursday, June 25th. We hope to have more al fresco evenings, celebrating the green meadow and starry nights. An RSVP is required, and we can accommodate the first 12 RSVPS so we recommend letting us know as early as possible! We will post our Beta Verde supper primer on the blog as a reminder or an FYI. It has all the details on what to expect, where the donation is directed and recs for wine and beer pairings.

On June 18th, the day before our first supper and thus our first official event of the season, Lynn Book (http://www.lynnbook.com/ ) and Rich Robeson will be introducing their dual collaboration to the public with a house concert, titled "Outside Music from the Inside". This is sure to be a riveting, unique, and spellbinding evening.

Please check the listing below - we look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks and into the summer!

Thursday, June 18th
"Outside Music from the Inside"
Lynn Book and Rich Robeson
Compositions and improvisations for voice, guitars, flute and other instruments.
7:30 PM- $10( the door is determined by and goes directly to the artists)

Friday, June 19th
Four-course, BYOB gourmet local supper grown and created by Margaret and Salem

Sunday, June 21st
Bring a soup, salad, fruit, vegetable, dessert, or home-brew, relax in the meadow, be merry... It's the longest day of the year!
6:30PM til...

Thursday, June 25th
Four-course, BYOB gourmet local supper grown and created by Margaret and Salem

P.S. Recently, we visited our seed saving heroes at Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa after Salem's grandmother's 89 1/2 birthday party ( oh to be so young!).
Seed Savers is the largest non-governmental seed bank in the United States and amongst the thousands upon thousands of acres of corn and soybeans along the way, this 890-acre farm is an American gem. Producing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for the table and promoting local food, heirloom seeds, and seasonal creativity remains our main focus, and we would be far more limited without organizations like this one that have been saving since 1975.

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