Products and Events

Ongoing additions and subtractions include: 

Peach Ginger Jam, Blackberry Mint Whiskey Jam, Roasted Rosa Plum Jam, Dill Pickles, Lemon Cuke B&B's, Totally Apricot Jam, Sweet Cherry Preserves, Blueberry Basil Preserves, Strawberry-Rosemary Syrup, Strawberry Lemon Balm Jam, Ripe Ruby Peach Jam, Pickled Blueberries, Sweet Sue Peach Jam, Blueberry Mint Preserves, Green Mater Martini Pickles, Blueberry Jalapeno Preserves, Mighty Muscadine Grape Preserves, Arkansas Black Apple, Ginger, Chili Preserves, Big Red Peach Jam, Frankly Fab Fig Jam, Strawberry Balsamic Black Pepper Jam, Red Onion Marmalade...

Where to find beta verde's seasonal products?

Order by e-mail ( for direct pick-up and shipping. Questions? E-mail or call Salem: 336.240.8378


Saturday, April 12th and 26th (9am-12pm): Cobblestone Farmers Market Pop Up @ new CFM Downtown Location, 7th Street between Trade Street and Liberty Street

Sunday, May 18th: Gaia Conceptions Grand Opening, Greensboro, NC

Farmers Markets

Cobblestone Farmers Market Downtown
Arts District, Between Liberty and Trade Street near 7th Street
The 2014 begins May 27th, Tuesdays from 3:30-6pm

In Old Salem behind T. Bagge Merchant, at the corner of West St. and Salt St.
Every Saturday from 9am-12pm. The 2014 season begins May 3rd.


The Caviste
3443 Robinhood Road, Unit N
Winston-Salem, NC

The Other Half
560 N. Trade Street
Winston-Salem, NC

Cocktail Bars and Restaurants:

Willow's Bistro

Single Brothers Bar

Diamondback Grill

Nobles Grille