Monday, July 25, 2011

Antioxidants, Pickles and Pickled Antioxidants

As the summer heats up, so does our market selection! Antioxidant level at Beta Verde is HIGH! We have had at market so far our Blueberry Mint Preserves, Blueberry Basil Preserves and Blueberry Primer Preserves mmmmmmmm and this week, we are stepping up the variety even more.

Check us out at Cobblestone Market tomorrow for Blueberry Jalapeno Preserves, zested with lime and Whole Pickled Blueberries (AMAZING with cookies and creme ice cream... or anything for that matter).

Another item to hit the underside of the tent this week is our Green Mater Martini Pickles. Premiered at Single Brothers in the Beta Verde Martini, they are now available for you to take home! Delicious for snacking or as the perfect topping to that dirty martini, these maters pack a punch when they burst.

Green cherry tomatoes pre-brine

Our garlic harvest out of the ground
and headed to be cured